Consulting and Services

Data Science

Collecting, organizing and displaying information become a core part of modern corporations. Math, statistics and probability theory are no longer some isolated studies for PhD students, they must be applied daily for more in-depth business insights.

We provide you with the necessary tools and processes to work with your data the right way. We empower your analyst with data mining, advanced statistics and reporting workflows, that will keep your leading edge in the business.

Machine intelligence

Machine learning and deep neural networks become really usable after the 2010s. With large datasets they provide more value than fine-tuning clever algorithms. Predictive analytics built upon these beats experts most of the time.

With years of experience in natural language processing, time series analysis and artificial intelligence research, we can keep you at the very top of this field.

We evaluate and customize machine learning techniques for you. We can provide on-premises hardware and software solution for sensitive data. We can enable you to continuous train competing models with dashboards, efficiency reports and analytics.

Software engineering

We develop software with high quality, great user experience, predictable delivery schedule and future-proof technologies.

We apply enterprise engineering practices (code reviews, automatic testing, continuous integration), agile project management (OKRs), and enable fine-grained control for our clients.

Agilord provides full-stack technology consulting:

  • embedded and HPC: C, C++, Rust
  • backend: Java, Python, Node.js
  • frontend: JavaScript, Dart, HTML5
  • mobile: Android, iOS (as web-apps)
  • cloud: AWS, Rackspace, DO, GCE

Data processing

Data acquisition, processing, indexing and information retrieval can start simple, but eventually becomes really complex. Scaling the hardware, network and software solutions to match the demands can be tiresome, and errors could cost you money.

Agilord is experienced with various data processing technologies:

  • SQL: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle
  • NoSQL: Riak, Cassandra, Kafka
  • data processing: Storm, Hadoop
  • search: ElasticSearch, Solr, Lucene

High performance

Computational speed, high throughput and low latency is a feature in every software application, and we will make sure that yours is running on an optimal technology and configuration.

We provide performance profiling and bottleneck analysis services on Java backends (with a sampling profiler) and JavaScript frontends (with browser-based tooling).

Product design

User experience (UX) is a crucial distinguisher of an application. The designer must strike a delicate balance between adding new features and overcrowding the UI, making feature discovery a natural way of using the app.

We run and evaluate user studies, paper and mock UI prototyping. We use UI experiments and analyze the effects of the running features. A truly data-driven product development.

Business development

New technologies create new business opportunities. Startups and small businesses shall focus their attention on the most promising revenue, in order to survive in a changing market.

We consult small companies about business potentials, combining their data with the appropriate technology, in order to grow their revenues.


Don't wait for a sole genius who will make the world better with an idea out of thin air. Innovation can be a systemic, part of the company's DNA, part of your day-to-day work. The moonshot approach from Skunk Works and Google X can teach us a lot.

We will guide and train your HR and your workforce to accept risks that are required to be innovative. We help you to establish rewards for stepping forward, to be proactive, to dream big and deliver on it.

Media and marketing

Do you know which half of your marketing budget is wasted? Are you able to track your market, spending, conversions? Do you follow the discussions about your products?

We provide data-driven approach for focusing your media presence and marketing campaigns. We are experienced in online advertising, content development and SEO.